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Skina Media have hired Distinctive Media Solutions for different projects when they were in the early stages of launching their taxi advertising services in the Isle of Man.



Project Specifics

Project 1

The first project we completed for Skina Media was to create the written content for their website. In total, we produced in excess of 2,500 words of content for this project.

We started the project by conducting keyword research and analysis to establish a list of relevant keywords and search terms. Once the suggested keywords were approved by the client we began to create the content.

Distinctive Media Solutions wrote in-depth articles and other content including:

  • Why use taxi advertising.
  • Fact about taxi advertising and the increased exposure brands have received by incorporating taxi advertising into their marketing strategy.
  • Detailed descriptions of the different options available.
  • Lists of benefits that taxi adverting offers.

Project 2

The second project we were hired for was to create 2 brochures for prospective clients and an information sheet for taxi drivers. The word count for each brochure was around 500 words.

Whilst the content for this project would serve a different purpose, and new material was produced, we were able to recycle some of the content that was previously created for the website. Recycling a percentage of content from the website project helped to ensure consistency across all marketing.

The end result; a happy client!

Hi Dave 

Thank you very much for your hard work!!! it’s perfect!! will ask for your help in the future!!


Kind Regrads


Skina Media

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