Reach A Global Audience

Reach a global audience

Reach A Global Audience

Standing out and fitting in!

Standing out as a company operating on an international level whilst still fitting in on a local level is the key to success. For any company wanting to reach a global audience localisation is the first step. If you are aiming to create, or improve, an online presence in a foreign country the creation and localisation of both the website and content needs specialist input. An in-depth understanding of the target culture and language is necessary to give it a native feel.

Website Localisation

When launching a website internationally it’s vital that you cover all aspects relating to local usability. The translation of content is not the be all and end all of it. Consideration has to be given to many important aspects such as navigation, images, currencies, payment methods, dates and various other factors which differ once your website is used in a foreign country.

Social Media Localisation

Running social media campaigns in a foreign country also have their own challenges. The first and most obvious is the language barrier. Content that has been machine translated may appear to be adequate, but readers don’t always get the right message.

Believe it or not, but this also applies to the different variations of the English language which is spoken in many of the Commonwealth Countries.

For a local campaign to be successful you have to have to take into account what locals expect.

Achieving this balance is what we call Standing out and fitting in.

Distinctive Media Solutions offer affordable translation and localisation services to assist companies in achieving their cross-cultural communication goals.


Our content localisation services can help your company to reach a global audience, and most importantly, ensure that your online content is fully localised and culturally sensitive to the target market.

The aim of localisation and cultural adaptation is not to “mislead” the end user or purchaser that the product or website is a local production, but instead, for them to perceive that the company is actually respectful and aware of the target locales culture.

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